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THE JATAKA in 3 vols. (English)
Stories of the Buddha's Former Births
Translated from the Pali by Various Scholars
Ed. by Prof. E.B. Cobwell
First published by the Cambridge University Press, 1895
2001 220 x 140 mm 950 pp
81 208 0726 X Hardcover Rs. 1200

BUDDHACARITA (Sanskrit - English)
Acts of the Buddha
By Ashvaghosha
Full Sanskrit text with English translation
Eng. Tr. together with Introduction and Notes by E.H. Johnston
First published Lahore, 1936
2004 220 x 140 mm 600 pp
81 208 1279 4 Softcover Rs. 295

THE BUDDHA (English)
By Supriya Rai
2003 220 x 140 mm 135 pp
81 87967 63 3 Softcover Rs. 150


A Glossary of Buddhist Terms
By Dr. Kala Acharya
2002 220 x 140 mm 280 pp
81 7039 246 2 Hardcover Rs. 425

BODHICARYAVATARA (Sanskrit - English)
By Shantideva
Original Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Based on the Prajñakaramati Pañjika
By Paramananda Sharma
Foreword by the Dalai Lama
2001 220 x 145 mm 487 pp
81 85179 13 1 Hardcover Rs. 550

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The Origin, Inner Philosophy, History and Symbolism of the BuddhistMartial Art within India and China
By Shifu Terence Dukes
First Published in 1994 by Samuel Weiser, USA
2000 220 x 140 mm 530 pp
81 208 1723 0 Softcover Rs. 395

A Study of the Life and Thought of the Tibetan Master Dolpopa SherabGyaltsen
By Cyrus Stearns
First published by State University of New York Press, 1999
2002 220 x 140 mm 318 pp
81 208 1833 4 Hardcover Rs. 295

First Comprehensive Study in English of Chi-tsang's treatment of TheTwo Truths
By Chang Quing Shih
Edited by Alex Wyman
2002 220 x 140 mm 401 pp
81 208 2035 5 Hardcover Rs. 695

A Study focussing on the Doctrinal Aspects of the Rise and Evolutionof Early Buddhist Literature
By G.C. Pande
First published in Allahabad, 1957
1999 220 x 140 mm 604 pp
81 208 1833 4 Hardcover Rs. 595

By Bhadant Anand Kosalyayana
Translated into English by Moses Michael
First Published by Student Welfare Book Series, 1937
2003 215 x 135 mm 120 pp 44 line drawings
81 88794 07 4 Paperback
Rs. 100

By Shantiswaroop Bauddh
First published by Student Welfare Book Series, 1937
2003 215 x 135 mm 112 pp 24 line drawings 10 photographs
81 88794 09 0 Paperback
Rs. 80

2500 YEARS OF BUDDHISM (English)
General Editor P.V. Bapat
Foreword by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
First published on the 2500th anniversary of the Mahaparinibbana ofthe Buddha, 1956
1997 218 x 143 mm 464 pp 16 B/W plates 2 maps
81 230 0294 7 Paperback
Rs. 95.00

By Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan
First published in 1943
2003 218 x 140 mm 175 pp
81 225 0073 0 Paperback
Rs. 45.00

By Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan
First published in 1948
1996 207 x 140 mm 71 pp
Rs. 15.00

Original Title : The Life of the Buddha
By Dr. Saddhatissa, Tripitakacarya
Hindi translation by Vitthaldas Modi
Sasta Sahitya Mandal
2001 180 x 122 mm 92 pp
Rs. 20.00

Monographs on the Buddha and some of his disciples
By Bharatsingh Upadhyay
Sasta Sahitya Mandal
2001 180 x 122 mm 129 pp
Rs. 25.00

A collection of the selected teachings of the Buddha
By Viyogi Hari
Sasta Sahitya Mandal
2002 180 x 122 mm 134 pp
Rs. 25.00

Eng. tr. by Eknath Easwaran
2002 195 x 130 mm 208 pp
0 14 019014 7 Softcover Rs. 200

A Translation and Study of the "Purnavadana"
By J. Tatelman
First pub. in 2000 by Curzon Critical Studies in Buddhism Series
2001 220 x 145 mm 228 pp
81 208 1807 5 Hardcover Rs. 295

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With Illustrations of the Ancient Religions of the East
From the Pantheon of the Indo-Scythians
With a Note on Bactrian Coins & Indian Dates
By Edward Thomas
Read at the Meeting of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1877
First Published by Turner & Co., London, 1877
1995 220 x 145 mm 106 pp 4 line diagrams
81 206 0980 8 Hardback
Rs. 165

By D.R. Bhandarkar
Read at the Carmichael Lectures, 1923
First Published by University of Calcutta, 1925
2000 220 x 145 mm 365 pp 4 line diagrams
81 206 1333 3 Hardback
Rs. 365

A Critical Study by Dr. Sunanda Kumari
2002 220 x 140 212 pp
Hardback Rs. 295.00

Ancient India boasted a number of darshanas apart from the Vedic darshana, which has metamorphosed itself into modern day Hinduism. Amongst them, only Jainism and Buddhism survive and flourish.

Each darshana has prescribed a distinct code of conduct. The two sramanic traditions of Jainism and Buddhism have similarities in their outlook on life, yet their codes of conduct accord varying levels of emphasis on commonly venerated concepts like ahinsa, aparigraha, anekantavada / anagraha, etc.

These concepts are the external foundations of Jaina and Buddhist nitishastras. The bedrock any nitishastra is an innate sense of ethics and fairplay.

This book has the following chapters:

Pratham Adhyaya
Bauddha evam Jaina nitishastra ki darshanik prsthabhumi

Dvitiya Adhyaya
Bauddha evam Jaina darshan me naitik gunon ka vivecan

Trtiya Adhyaya
Bauddha evam Jaina darshan me naitik mapdanda

Caturtha Adhyaya
Bauddha evam Jaina darshan me naitikta ki manyatayen

Pañcam Adhyaya
Bauddha evam Jaina darshan me mulyavada

Sastam Adhyaya
Bauddha evam Jaina darshan me moksa


Sandarbha grantha

BHARAT JÑANA KOSH in 6 Volumes (Hindi)
Ed. by Indu Ramchandani & Others
An Encyclopaedia Britannica Publication
2002 255 x 180 mm 3000 pp (approx.)
81 7154 993 4 Softcover Rs. 3000 for the set

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Hinduism - Buddhism - Jainism
By Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao
2003 285 x 220 mm 1744 pp in 3 vols. + 2000 line drawings
81 7030 765 1 Hardcover Rs. 5000

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Sacred Books of the East, a set of 50 books, allbeautifully bound and covered. This set includes

- 21 Volumes on Hinduism,
- 10 Volumes on Buddhism,
- 2 Volumes on Jainism,
- 8 Volumes on Zorastrianism,
- 2 Volumes on Islam, and
- 6 Volumes on the two main indigenous sysytems prevalent in China.

This set is a collectors item, and deserves to be a part of every discerning collectors' library. All these volumes are translated into English by masters of the various systems, and edited by the eminent F. Max Muller.

Price: Rs. 10,000.00

Buddhist Legends (Set of Three Volumes) (English)
M. R. M. L.
By E.W. Burlingame
Price: Rs. 350.00

By Sital Prasad
First pub. in Chennai : 1932
Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica Series No. 7
2003 220 x 140 mm 304 pp
81 7030 82 7 Softcover Rs. 300

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Abhidharma Kosa Bhasyam (4 volumes)
By Tr. Leo M. Purden
Price: $ 300.00

Altar Of The Earth : The Life, Land And Spirit Of Tibet
By Peter Gold
Price: $ 9.95

Anagatavamsa Desana : The Sermon Of The Chronicle To-Be
By Tr. Udaya Meddegama
Price: Rs. 100.00

An Appraoch To Buddhist Social Philosophy
By Pategama Gnanarama
Price: $ 5.00

Art Of The Lotus Sutra (Japanese Masterpieces)
By Yashiro Tamura
Price: $ 85.00

Asceticism In Buddhism And Brahmanism (A Comparative Study)
By Ryokai Shiraishi
Price: Pounds Sterling 18.50

Atisa And Tibet : Life And Works Of Dipankar Srijnan InRelation To The History and Religion Of Tibet With TibetanSources
Tr. By Lama Chimpa
Price: Rs. 495.00

Basic Buddhist Concept
By Kogen Mizuno
Price: $ 9.95

The Beginning Of Buddhism
By Kogen Mizuno
Price: $ 10.95

Bemerkngen Zur Buddhistischen Doktin Der Momentanheit DesSeienden
By Claus Oetke
Price: Rs. 1000.00

The Bhadramayakaravyakarana (Introduction, Tibetan Text,Translation & Notes)
By Jacques May
Price: Rs. 125.00

Bibliotheca Buddhica (30 Volumes)
By Sobranie Buddijskich Tkstov
Rs. 8000.00

Blue Annals
By G.N. Roerich
Price: Rs. 750.00

Bodhisattva Doctrine In Buddhist Sanskrit Literature
By Har Dayal
Price: Rs. 395.00

The Bodhisattva Vow : The Essential Practices Of MahayanaBuddhism
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Price: Rs. 95.00

The Bodhisattva Warriors : The Origin, Inner Philosophy,History & Symbolism Of The Buddhist Martial Art Within India& China
By Shifu Nagaboshi Tomio
Price: Rs. 395.00

The Bodhisattvapitaka : Its Doctrines, Practices & TheirPosition On Mahayana Literature
By Ulrch Pagel
Price: Pounds Sterling 40

Bodhisattvavadankalpalata Of Ksemendra (Critical Text &Translation Of Chapter 15)
By Bonnie Rothenberg
Price: {Shortly}

The Brief Catalogues To The Narthang And The Lhask
Price: Rs. 800.00

A Brief History Of Buddhist Studies In Europe And America
By J.W.De Jong
Price: $ 19.95

Buddha : His Life, His Doctrine, His Order
By Tr. William Hoey
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhacarita Or Acts Of The Buddha
By C. H. Johnston
Price: Rs. 350.00

The Buddha Nature : A Study Of Tathagatagarbha AndAlayavijnan
By Brian E. Brown
Price: Rs. 225.00

Buddha's Low Among The Birds
By Edward Conze
Price: Rs. 74.00

Buddha's Teachings (Suttanipata)
By Lard Chalmers
Price: Rs. 495.00

Buddhism : A History
By Noble Ross Reat
Price: $ 25.00

Buddhism And Ecology
By Martrine Batchelorn & Kerry Brown
Price: Rs. 110.00

Buddhism And Science
By P. Kirtisinghe
Price: Rs. 250.00

Buddhism For Today : A Modern Interpretation Of The ThreefoldLotus Sutra
By Nikkyo Niwano
Price: $ 13.95

Buddhism In Central Asia
By B.N. Puri
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhism In Comparative Light
By Hajime Nakamura
Price: Rs. 195.00

Buddhism In Contemporary Tibet : Religious Revival &Cultural Identity
By Meluvn C. Goldstein & Matthew T. Kapstein
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhism In Modern India
By D. C. Ahir
Price: Rs.50.00

Buddhism In Tibet
By Emil Schlagintweit
Price: Rs. 495.00

Buddhism In Translations
Henry Clarke Warren
Price: Rs. 225.00

The Buddhism Of Tibet
By Jeffrey Hopkins & Lati Rimpoche
Price: Rs. 225.00

Buddhism Transformed : Religious Change In Sri Lanka
By Richard Gombrich & Gananath Obeyesekere
Price: Rs. 445.00

Buddhist And Vedic Studies (A Miscellany)
By M. H. F. Jayasuriya
Price: Rs. 275.00

A Buddhist Approach To Peace
By Nikkyo Niwano
Price: $ 10.95

The Buddhist Art Of Nagarjunkonda
By Elizabeth Rosen Stone
Price: Rs. 600.00

Buddhist Cosmology : Science And Theology In The Images OfMotion And Light
By W. Randolph Kloetzli
Price: Rs. 275.00

Buddhist Doctrine Of Experience
By Thomas A. Kochumuttom
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhist Formal Logic : A Study Of Dignaga's Hetuchakra &K'eui Chi's Great Commentary On The Nyayapravesh
By R. S. Y. Chi
Price: Rs.225.00

The Buddhist Heritage
By Tadeusz Skorupski
Price: Pounds Sterling 20.00

Buddhist Hermeneutics
By Ed. Donald S. Lopez Jr.
Price: Rs. 175.00

Buddhist Images Of Human Perfection : The Arhant Of SuttaPitaka Compared With The Bodhisattva And The Mahasiddha
By Nathan Katz
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhist India
By T. W. Rhys Davids
Price: Rs. 225.00

Buddhist Insight (Essays By Alex Wayman)
By George R. Elder
Price: Rs. 275.00

Buddhist Logic (2 volumes)
By Th. Stcherbatsky
Price: Rs. 400.00

Buddhist Mahayana Texts
By Tr. E. B. Cowell
Price: Rs. 200.00

Buddhist Monastic Discipline : The Sanskrit Pratimoksa SutrasOf The Of The Mahasanghikas And Mahasarvastitvadins
By Charles S. Prebish
Price: Rs. 175.00

Buddhist Monks And Monasteries Of India : Their History &Their Contributions To Indian Culture
By Sukumar Dutt
Price: Rs. 395.00

Buddhist Parables
By Eugene Watson Burlinghame
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhist Philosophy Of Universal Flux
By Satkari Moonkerjee
Price: Rs. 400.00

The Buddhist Pilgrimage
By Duncan Forbes
Price: Rs. 295.00

Buddhist Precept And Practice : Traditional Buddhism In TheRural Highlands Of Ceylon
By Richard F. Gombrich
Price: Rs. 350.00

Buddhist Records Of The Western World
By Sumuel Beal
Price: Rs. 500.00

Buddhist Reflections
By Lama Angarika Govinda
Price: Rs. 275.00

The Buddhist Revival In Sri Lanka
By George D. Bond
Price: Rs. 325.00

Buddhist Sects In India
By Nalinaksha Dutt
Price: Rs. 250.00

Buddhist Spirituality : Indian, South-East Asian, Tibetan,Early Chinese
By Takeuchi Yosinori
Price: Rs. 190.00

Buddhist Studies In India
By R. C. Pandeya
Price: {Shortly}

Buddhist Sutras (Origins, Development, Transmissions)
By Kogen Mizuno
Price: $ 10.95

Buddhist Suttas
By T. W. Rhys Davids
Price: Rs. 200.00

The Buddhist Tantras : Light On Indo-Tibetan Esotericism
By Alex Wayman
Price: Rs. 200.00

The Buddhist Teaching Of Totality : The Philosophy Of Hwa YenBuddhism
By Garma C. C. Chang
Price: Rs. 250.00

Buddhist Wisdom : The Mystery Of The Self
By M. Keller Crimm
Price: Rs. 115.00

Calming The Mind And Discerning The Real
By Tr. Alex Wayman
Price: Rs. 450.00

By Ceasre Rizzi
Price: Rs. 160.00

Candrakirti &endash; Trisaranasapti : The Septuagint On TheThree Refuges
By Tr. & Annot P. K. Sorensen
Price: Rs. 350.00

The Central Conception Of Buddhism
By Stcherbatsky
Price: Rs. 175.00

Chanting The Names Of Manjusri : The Manjushri Nama-Sangiti
By Alex Wayman
Price: Rs. 225.00

The Chinese Madhyama Agama And The Pali Majjhima
Nikaya (A comparative study)
By Bhiksu Thich Minh Chau
Price: Rs. 200.00

Chinese Monks In India
By Latika Lahiri
Price: Rs 175.00

Chinnamasta : The Aweful Buddhist & Hindu TantricGoddess
By Elisabeth Anne Benard
Price: Rs 174.00

Circle Of Protest : Political Ritual In The TibetanUprising
By Ronald D. Schwartz
Price: Rs. 195.00

Civilized Shamans {Buddhism In Tibetan Societies}
By Geoffrey Samuel
Price: Rs. 1200.00

Clear Light Of Bliss : The Practice Of Mahamudra In VajrayanaBuddhism
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Price: Rs. 195.00

Comparative Ethics In Hindu And Buddhist Traditions
By Roerick Hindrey
Price: Rs. 275.00

A Comparative Study Of The Teachings Of Don Juan And MadhyamakaBuddhism: Knowledge And Transformation
By Mark Macdowell
Price: Rs. 80.00

The Concealed Essence Of The Hevajra Tantra : With TheCommentary Yogaratnamala
Tr and Ed by G. W. Farrow & I. Menon
Price: Rs. 350.00

Conception Of Buddhist Nirvana Of Stcherbatsky
By Ed Jaideva Singh
Price: Rs. 395.00

Contribution Of Tibetan Language, History And Culture (2volumes)
By Ernst Steinkellner, Helmut Tauscher
Price: Rs.700.00

The Gross And The Lotus : Christianity And Buddhism InDialogue
G. W. Houston
Price: {Shortly}

The Cult Of The Deity Vajrakila (According To The Texts Of TheNorthern Treasures Tradition Of Tibet)
By Martin J. Boord
Price: Pounds Sterling 21.00

The Dalai Lama : A Policy Of Kindness { An Anthology OfWritings By And About The Dalai Lama}
By Sidney Piburn
Price: Rs.125.00

The Debate Of King Millinda : An Abridgement Of The MilindaPanha
By Bhikkhu Pesala
Price: Rs. 175.00

Der Buddha Und Seine Lehre In Dharmakirti's Pramanavarttika
By Tilman Vetter
Price: Rs.700.00

Dhammapada And The Suttanipata {SBE Vol.10}
By Trs. F. Max Muller & V. Fausball
Price: Rs. 200.00

Dharmakirti's On Compassion And Rebirth
By Eli Franco
Price: Rs. 1500.00

Dharmakirti's Theory Of Hetu-Centricity Of Anumana
By Mangala R. Chinchore
Price: Rs.125.00

Dharmottaras Paralokasiddhi
By Ernst Steinkellner
Price: Rs. 250.00

The Dialectical Method Of Nagarjuna : Vigrahavyavartani { Text,Eng Tr}
By K. Bhattacharya
Price: Rs. 200.00

Dialogues Of The Buddha {3 volumes}
By T. W. Rhys Davids and C. A. F. Rhys Davids
Price: Rs. 895.00 for the set

A Dictionary Of Chinese Buddhist Terms
By W.E. Soothill &Lewis Hodous
Price: Rs. 795.00

Die Erkenntnislehre Des Prasngika Madhyamaka
By Chizuko Yoshimizu
Price: Rs. 1200.00

Die Lehre Von Den Zwei Wirklichkeniten In Tson Kha Pas
Madhyamaka &endash; Warken
By Helmut Tauscher
Price: Rs. 1200.00

Disciples Of The Buddha
By Zenno Ishigami
Price: $ 6.50

Discipline : The Canonical Buddhism Of The Vinayapitaka
By John C. Holt
Price: Rs. 195.00

Divinity Secularised : An Inquiry Into The Nature And Form OfThe Songs Ascribed To The Sixth Dalai Lama
By P. K. Sorensen
Rs. 1450.00

Doctrine Of The Buddha : The Religion Of Reason &Meditation
By Geroge Grimam, Eds. M. Keller Griman & Max Hoppe
Rs. 395.00

The Doctrine Of The Upanishads And The Early Buddhism : HarmannOldenberg
Tr. by Shridhar B. Shortri
Rs. 275.00

Early Buddhism And Christianity : A Comparative Study Of TheFounders' Authority, The Community And The Disipline
By Chai &endash; Shin Yu
Rs. 295.00

Early Buddhism And The Bhagavadgita
By K. N. Upadhyaya
Rs. 550.00

Early Buddhist Philosophy In The Light Of The For NobleTruths
By Alfonso Verdu
Rs. 225.00

Early Buddhist Theory Of Knowledge
By K.N. Jayatilleke
Rs. 500.00

Early Madhyamika In India And China
By Richard H. Robinson
Rs. 230.00

The Early Mustang Kanjur Catalogue
By Helmut Einer
Rs. 800.00

Ein Jahrzehnt Studien Zur Uberlieferung Des TibetischenKanjur
By Helmut Eimer
Rs. 1000.00

Ekai Kawaguchi : The Trespassing Insider
By Abhi Subedi
Rs. 500.00

The Emptiness Of Emptiness : An Introduction To Early IndianMadhyamika
By C. W. Hultington, Jr. With Geshe Namgyal Wangchen
Rs. 250.00

Emptiness Yoga : The Tibetan Middle Way
By Jeffery Hopkins Joe B. Wilson
Rs. 325.00

Empty Logic : Madhyamika Buddhism From Chinese Sources
By Hsueh&endash;Li Cheng
Rs. 225.00

The Enlightenment Of Vairocana : Book I : Study Of TheVairocanabhisambodhitantra, Book II : Study Of The Mahavairocana -Sutra
By Alex Wayman & R. Tajim
Rs. 375.00

Entering The Path Of Enlightenment : The Bodhicaryavatara OfThe Buddhist Poet Santideva {A Tr. With Gloss}
By M.L. Matics
Rs. 200.00

Entering The Stream
By Sherab Chodzin Kohn
$ 15

The Entrance Gate For The Wise
By David P. Jackon
Rs. 1850.00

Epistemology And Spiritual Authority
By Victor Van Bijlert
Rs. 700.00

Essence Of Vajrayana
By Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 395.00

Essentials Of Buddhism
Tr. by Gaynor Sekmori
$ 29.95

Essentials Of Buddhist Philosophy
By Junjiro Takakusu
Rs. 195.00

An Evaluation Of The Vedantic Critique Of Buddhism
By Gregory Josph Darling
Rs. 275.00

Evolution Of Stupas In Burma
By Suijata Soni
Rs. 225.00

Facets Of Buddhism
By Shotoaro Iida
Rs. 150.00

Facets Of Early Buddhism
By Bela Bhattacharya
Rs. 300.00

The Far Shore: Vipassna The Practise Of Insight
By Mitchell Ginsberg
Rs. 125.00

By Samuel Beal
Rs. 200.00

Four Lamas Of Dolpo
By David L. Snellgrove
Rs. 395.00

Fragments From Dinnaga
By H. N. Randle
Rs. 65.00

The Gandhari Dharmapada
By John Brough
Rs. 695.00

Gatakmala: Garland Of Birth Stories Of Arya Sutra
By J. S. Speyer
Rs. 250.00

The Genesis Of An Orientalist
By A. Wickremaratne
Rs. 150.00

A Guide To The Threefold Lotus Sutra
By Nikkyo Niwano
$ 5.95

Healing Anger: The Power Of Patience From A BuddhistPerspective
By Dalai Lama
Rs. 125.00

Heart Jewel: A Commentary To The Essential Practice Of The NewKadampa Tradition Of Mahayana Buddhism
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 145.00

Heart Of Wisdom: The Essential Wisdom Teachings Of Buddha
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 195.00

The Heart Sutra In Tibetan
By Jonathan A Silk
Rs. 1000.00

High Religion : A Cultural And Political History Of SherpaBuddhism
By Sherry B. Ortner

Himalayan Buddhist Villages: Environment, Resources, SocietyAnd Religious Life In Zagskar, Ladakh
By Eds.John Crook & Henry Osmaston
Rs. 800.00

A History Of Indian Buddhism : From Sakyamuni To EarlyMahayana
By Hirakawa Akira, Tr. & Ed Paul Groner
Rs. 295.00

The Holt Teaching Of Vimaakirti : A Mahayana Scripture
By Robert A. F. Thurman
Rs. 175.00

In Search Of The Stainless Ambrosia
By Khenpto Konchog Gyaltsen, Ed. Victoria Huckenpahler
$ 12.95

Indian Buddhism
By A. K. Warder
Rs. 595.00

Indian Buddhism : A Survey With Bibliographical Notes
By Hajime Nakamura
Rs. 695.00

Indo- Tibetan Studies
Ed. by Tadeusz Skorupski
Pounds Sterling 25.00

Introduction To Buddhism : An Explanation Of The Buddhist WayOf Life
By Geshe Kelsang Gyasto
Rs. 95.00

An Introduction To Buddhist Esoterism
By Benoytosh Bhattacharyya
Rs. 250.00

An Introduction To Buddhist Philosophy {An AnnotatedTranslation Of The Tarkabhasa Of Moksakaragupta}
By Yuichi Kajiyama
Rs. 800.00

Introduction To Buddhst Tantric System {With Original Text& Annot}
By F. D. Lessing & Alex Wayman
Rs. 375.00

Introduction To Madhyamaka Philosophy
By Jaideva Singh
Rs. 50.00

Introduction To The Philosophy Of Nagarjuna
By Musashi Tachikawa, Tr. Rolf W. Giebel
Rs. 200.00

The Jataka Stories Of The Buddha's Former Births {6 Vols. In 3Parts.}
By Ed. E.B. Gowell
Rs. 1200.00

The Jewelled Staircase
By Geshe Wangyal
$ 10.95

By Kleine Texte Gudrun Buhnemann
Rs. 300.00

Jnanagarbha On The Two Truths {An Eight Century Handbook OfMadhyamaka Philosophy}
By Malcolm David Eckel
Rs. 150.00

Joyful Path Of Good Fortune {The Stages Of Path ToEnlightenment}
By Geshe Kelsag Gyatso
Rs. 395.00

Kindness Clarity And Insight
By Tenzin Gyatso, Tr. & Ed. Jeffrey Hopkins
Rs. 150.00

Knowledge And Liberation : Tibetan Buddhist Epistemology InSupport Of Transformative Religious Experience
By Anne C. Klein
$ 15.95

Knowledge And Reality : A Comparative Study Of Divine And SomeBuddhist Logicians
By Kaisa Puhakka
Rs. 60.00

The Lankavatara Sutra : A Mahayana Text {Tr. For The First TimeFrom The Original Sanskrit}
By Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
Rs. 295.00

Large Sutra On Perfect Wisdom
By Edward Conze
Rs. 600.00

Leaves Of The Heaven Tree : The Great Compassion Of TheBuddha
By Tarthang Tuku
$ 25.00

The Legend And Cult Of Upagupta : sanskrit buddhism in northindia and southeast asia
By Asia John S. Strong
Rs. 225.00

The Legend Of King Ashoka : A Study and Translation ofAshokavadana
By John S. Strong
Rs. 295.00

The Life Of Buddha : As Legend & History
By Edward J. Thomas
Rs. 250.00

The Life Of Milarepa
Tr. BY Lobsang P. Lhalungpa
Rs. 250.00

Linguistic Approach To Buddhist Thought
By Genjun H. Sasaki
Rs. 175.00

The Lion's Roar Of Queen Srimala
By Alex Wayman & Hideko Wayman
Rs. 175.00

Literary History Of Sanskrit Buddhism
By J. K. Nariman
Rs. 395.00

The Literature Of The Personalists Of Early Buddhism
By Bhikshu Thich Thien Chau
Rs. 295.00

Love And Sympathy In Theravada Buddhism
By Harvey B. Aronson
Rs. 150.00

The Madhyamakasastram Of Nagarjuna (2 Volumes)
By Raghunath Pandeya
Rs. 825.00 for the set

Madhyamaka Schools In India
By Peter Della Santin
Rs. 250.00

The Madhyamaka Mind
By Harsh Narain
Rs. 195.00

By R.C. Pandeya
Rs. 450.00

Magic And Ritual In Tibet
By Tara Stephen Beyer
Rs. 295.00

Mahamudra : The Quintessence of Mind & Meditation
By Chogyam Trungpa

Mahayana Buddhism
By Nalinaksha Dutt
Rs. 120.00

Mahayana Buddhist Meditation
By Minoru Kiyota
Rs. 275.00

Manual Of Indian Buddhism
By H. Kern
Rs. 145.00

Materials For The Study Of Aryadeva Dharmapala AndCandrakirti
By Tom J. F. Tillemans
Rs. 3100.00

Meaningful To Behold : The Bodhisattva's Way of Life
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 295.00

Meditation Differently : Phenonenological Psychological Aspectsof Tibetan Buddhist Practices
By Herbert V. Guenther
Rs. 235.00

The Meditation Handbook : A Step-by-Step Manual Providing aClear and Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 95.00

By Sylvain Levy
Rs. 695.00

A Millennium Of Buddhist Logic
By Alex Wayman
Rs. 395.00

Mind Only : A Philosophical and Doctrinal Analysis ofVigyanvad
By Thomas E. Wood
Rs. 275.00

Modern Meditations : A Buddhist Sampler
Nichiko Sampler
$ 5.95

Monastic Debate In Tibet : A Study On The History andStructures of Bs Dus Grawa Logic
By Shunzo Onoda
Rs. 1000.00

Monks And Magicians Religious Biographies in Asia
By Phyllis Granoff & Koichi Shinohara
Rs. 275.00

Mulmadhyamikakarika Of Nagarjuna : The Philosophy of the MiddleWay
By David J. Kalupahana
Rs. 395.00

Nagarjuna's Letter To King Gautamiputra
By Peter Della Santina
Rs. 124.00

Nagarjuna's Philosophy
By K. Venkata Ramanan
Rs. 325.00

Nagarjuna's Refutation Of Logic {Nyay} Vaidalyaprakaran(tibetan text)
By Fernando Tola & Carmen Dragonetti
Rs. 165.00

Nagarjuniana : Studies in the Writings and the Philosophies ofNagarjuna
By Chr. Lindtner
Rs. 350.00

A New Course In Reading Pali: Entering The World Of TheBuddha
By J. W. Gair & W.S. Karunatillake
Rs. 200.00

Nichts Bleibt Nichts
By Birgit Kelluner
Rs. 800.00

The Notion Of Emptiness In Early Buddhism
By Choong Mun- Keat
Rs. 195.00

Ocean Of Nectar: Wisdom And Compassion In Mahayana Buddhism
By Geshe Kelsang
Rs. 395.00

On Knowing Reality: The Tattvartha Chapter Of Asanga's
By J. D. Wills
Rs. 200.00

On Voidness
By Fernando Tola & Carmen Dragonetti
Rs. 165.00

Oracles And Demons Of Tibet : The Cult and Iconography of theTibetan Protective Deities
By Rene De Nebesky&endash;Wojkowitz
Rs. 600.00

Order In Paradox: Myth, Ritual and Exchange Among Nepals'sTamang
By David H. Holmberg
Rs. 175.00

Otto Ottonovich Rosenberg And His Contribution To Buddhology InRussia
By Eds. K. Kollmar-Pualenz & J. S. Barlow
Rs. 500.00

The Path Of Enlightenment
By Dalai Lama, Ed. & Tr. by Glenn H. Mullin
Rs. 150.00

The Path Of Serenity And Insight : An Explanation of BuddhistJhanas
By Henepola Gunaratna
Rs. 250.00

Path Of The Buddha : Buddhism Interpreted by Buddhists
By Buddhists Ed. Kenneth W. Morga
Rs. 375.00

Paths To Liberation: The Marga and its Transformations inBuddhist Thought
By Robert E. Buswell Jr & Robert M. Gimello
Rs. 325.00

Perennial Questions
By Gergo Grimm
Rs. 75.00

Philosophy And Its Development In The Nikayas AndAbdhidhamma
By Fuminaro Watanabe
Rs. 200.00

Philosophy And Psychology In The Abhidharma
By Herbert V. Guenther
Rs. 295.00

Philosophy In The Samadhirajasutra
By Konstanty Reamey
Rs. 195.00

Philosophy Of Nagarjuna
By K.D. Prithipaul
Rs. 175.00

Phya Pa Chos Kyi Sen Ge Dbu Ma Sar Gusm Gyi Stn Thun
By Ed. Helmut Tauscher
Rs. 800.00

Portrait Of A Dalai Lama : The Life and Times of the GreatThirteenth
By Charles Bell
$ 22.98

The Parmanavartika Of Acarya Dharmakirti
By Ram Chandra Pandey
Rs. 350.00

Prasanga Und Prasangaviparyaya Bei Dharmakirti Und SeinenKommentatoren
By Takashi Iwala
Rs. 650.00

Prayer Flags : The Life and Spiritual Teaching of JigtenSumgon
Bykhenpo Konchog Gyallsen
$ 6.95

Preparing For Tantra : The Mountain of Blessing
By Micheal Roach
Rs. 195.00

The Principal Teachings Of Buddhism
By Michael Roach
Rs. 195.00

The Psychological Attitude Of Early Buddhist Philosophy : Andits Systematic Representation According to Abhidhamma Tradition
By Lama Anagarika Govinda
Rs. 125.00

Questions Of King Millinndan
By T. W. Rhys Davids
Rs. 400.00

Rationality And Mind In Early Buddhism
By Frank J. Hoffman
Rs. 150.00

Rebirth And Causation In The Yogacara Abhidharma
By Robert Krizer
Rs. 1500.00

The Reflexive Nature Of Awareness: A Tibetan MadhyamakaDefence
By Paul Williams
Rs. 295.00

The Religion Of Tibet
By Charles Bell
Rs. 295.00

Researches In Indian And Buddhist Philosophy {Volume In HonourOf Prof. Alex Wayman}
By Ram Karan Sharma
Rs. 250.00

Resistance And Reform In Tibet
By Robet Barnett, Gen Shirin Akiner

Rise Of The Esoteric Buddhism In Tibet
By Eva Dargyay
Rs. 250.00

The Rishukyo: The Sino-Japanese Tantric Prajnaparamita In 150Verses
Tr. & Annot. by Ian Astley Kristensen
Pounds Sterling 27.00

The Romantic Legend Of Sakya Buddha
By Samuel Beal
Rs 195.00

Tr. by Kern
Rs. 200.00

Sadhanstaka And Sadhanastapancasika
By Gudrun Buhnemann
Rs. 600.00

The Salistamba Sutra: Tibetan Original Reconstruction, EnglishTranslation, Critical Notes
By N. Ross Reat
Rs. 175.00

The Salistamba Sutra And Its Indian Commentaries
By Jeffrey D. Schoening
Rs. 2000.00 {Set}

Samyuktabhidhamahrdaya : Heart of Scholasticism withMiscellaneous Additions
By Bart Dessein
Rs. 2000.00 {Set}

Sarvadurgati Parishodhana Tantra (Sanskrit and Roman Text withEnglish Translation)
By Tadeusz Skorupski
Rs. 400.00

Sarva-Tathagata-Tattva Sangrah (Sanskrit Text with Introductionand Illustrations of Mandalas)
By Lokesh Chandra
Rs. 300.00

Saundarananda Of Asvaghosa (text, english)
By E. H. Johnston

Seven Works Of Vasubandhu
By Stefan Anacker
Rs. 395.00

Shakyamuni Buddha
By Nikkyo Niwano
$ 4.95

Shaman Of Tibet : Milarepa from Anger to Enlightenment
By Winged Wolf
Rs. 245.00

Shiksha Samucchay : A Compendium of Buddhist Doctrine
By W. H. D. Rouse
Rs. 295.00

The Skill In Means {Upaaykaushalya} Sutra
By Tr. Mark Tatz
Rs. 150.00

The Speech Of Gold : Legend and Enlightenment in TibetanBuddhism
By Robert A. F. Thurman
Rs. 400.00

The Spirit Of Tibet : Vision for Human Liberation (selectedspeeches of the 14th dalai lama)
By A. A. Shiromany
Rs. 300.00

Studies In The Buddhistic Culture Of India
By L. M. Joshi
Rs. 495.00

Studies In The Lankavatara Sutra (One Of The Most ImportantTexts Of Mahayana Buddhism In Which Almost All Its Principal TenetsAre Presented, Including Its Teaching Of Zen)
By Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
Rs. 395.00

Studies In The Origins Of Budhism
By G.C. Pandey
Rs. 595.00

Studies In The Philosophy Of The Bodhicaryavatara Altruism AndReality
By Paul Williams
Rs. 295.00

Studies On The Doctrine Of Trairupya
By Claus Oetke
Rs. 600.00

Stupa And Its Technology: A Tibeto-Buddhist Perspective
By Pema Dorjee
Rs. 450.00

Sudden And Gradual: Approaches To Enlightenment In ChineseThought
By Peter N. Gregory
Rs. 425.00

The Symbolism Of The Stupa
By Adrian Snodgrass
Rs. 300.00

Tales Of An Old Lama
Tr. By C.R. Bawden, Ed. Ts. Damdinsuren
Pounds Sterling 14.50

Tales Of The Turquoise: A Pilgrimage In Dolpo
By Corneille Jest, Tr. Margaret Stei
Rs. 190.00

Tantra In Tibet: The Great Exposition Of Secret Mantra
By I Song-Ka &endash;Pa
Rs. 225.00

Tantric Grounds And Paths: How To Enter, Progress On AndComplete The Vajrayan Path
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 195.00

Taranatha's History Of Buddhism In India
By Alka Chattopadhyaya, Ed. Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya
Rs. 395.00

The Tattva Sangraha Of Santaraksita (A Commentary Of Kamalasil){2 Vols.}
Tr. By Ganganath Jha
Rs. 500.00 {Set}

Theravada Meditation: The Buddhist Transformation Of Yoga
By Winston L. King
Rs. 175.00

The Threefold Lotus Sutra: The Sutra Of Innumerable Meanings,The Sutra Of The Lotus Flower Of The Wonderful Law, And The Sutra OfMeditation On The Bodhisattva Universal Virtue
Tr. by Bunno Kato, Yoshiro & Kojiro Miyasaka
$ 13.95

Three Years In Tibet
By Ekai Kawaguchi
Rs. 625.00

The Tibetan Book Of The Dead Or The After-Death: Experiences OnThe Bardo Plane (Late Lama Kazi Dawa Somdup's English Rendering)
By W. Y. Evans-Wentz
Rs. 360.00

The Tibetan Book Of The Great Liberation Or The Method OfRealizing Nirvana Through Knowing The Mind
Ed. by W. Y. Evans-Wentz
Rs. 300.00

Tibetan Pilgrimage
Peter Gold

Tibetan Religious Dances
By Christoph Von Furer Haimendorf
Rs. 545.00

Tibetan Yoga And Secret Doctrines Or Seven Books Of Wisdom OfThe Great Path (Late Lama Kazi Dawa Somdup's EnglishRendering)
By W. Y. Evans Wentz
Rs. 450.00

Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa (A Biography From The Tibetan)
By W. Y. Evans Wentz
Rs. 400.00

Transzendenzerfahrung, Vollzugshorizont Des Heils
By G. Oberhammer
Rs. 800.00

A Treasury Of Mahayana Sutra: Selections From The MaharatnakutaSutra
By Garma C.C. Chang
Rs. 300.00

Treatise In Thirty Verses On Mere-Consciousness: A CriticalTranslation Of Hseun-Tsang's Chinese Version Of TheVijnaptimatratatrimsika With Notes From Dharmapal's Commentary InChinese
By Swati Ganguly
Rs. 345.00

The Twilight Language: Explorations In Buddhist Meditation& Symbolism
By R. S. Bucknell & Martin Stuart Fox
Rs. 250.00

The Two Traditions Of Meditation In India
By Johannes Bronkhorst
Rs. 250.00

Universal Compasson: Pratical Instructions On Increasing Love& Compassion
By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Rs. 125.00

Untying The Knots In Buddhism (Selected Essays)
By Alex Wayman
Rs. 495.00

Vain Debates (The Buddhist Christian Controversies OfNineteenth-Century Ceylon)
By R. F. Young & G.P.V. Somaratna
Rs. 800.00

The Vajrabhairava Tantras
By Bulcsu Siklos
Pounds Sterling 24.00

Vedantic Buddhism Of The Buddha
By J.S. Jennngs
Rs. 400.00

Verse-Index Of Candrakirti's Madhymakavatara (TibetanVersions)
By Helmut Tauscher
Rs. 400.00

Verse-Index Of Dharmakirti's Works (Tibetan Versions)
By Ernst Steinkellner
Rs. 600.00

The Vimalakirti Sutra (The Chinese Version)
By Tr. Burton Watson
Rs. 295.00

Vinaya Texts
By T. W. Rhys Davids & H. Olden Berg
Rs. 600.00

A Visit To Rahula Sankrtyayana's Collection Of Negatives At TheBihar Reserarch Society (Texts From The Buddhist EpistemologicalSchool)
By Michael Torsten Much
Rs. 150.00

Visuddhimagga Of Buddhaghosacariya
Ed. By Henry Clarke Warren
Rs 895.00

White Lotus (An Introduction To Tibetan Culture)
By Ed. Caroke Elchert

Wisdom Energy (Basic Buddhist Teachings)
By Alaxander Berzin
Rs. 150.00

Women In The Footsteps Of The Buddha: Struggle For LiberationIn The Therigratha
By Kathryn R. Blackstone
Rs 195.00

Women Under Primitive Buddhism
By I. B. Horner
Rs. 375.00

World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts
By Andrew Wilson
By 775.00

Yogacara Idealism
By A.K Chatterijee
Rs. 295.00

Yoga Of The Guhyasamajatantra :The Arcane Law Of FortyVerses
By Alex Wayman
Rs. 395.00

Yogins Of Ladakh: A Pilgrimage Among The Hermits Of TheBuddhist Himalayas
By John Crook & James Low
Rs. 350.00

Zen Seeds: Reflections Of A Female Priest
By Shundo Aoyama
$ 5.95

Zen Yoga: A Creative Psychotherapy To Self-Integration
By P.J. Saher
Rs. 395.00

Jatak Katha (in 6 volumes)
Rs. 660.00

By Sital Prasad
First pub. in Chennai : 1932
Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica Series No. 7
2003 220 x 140 mm 304 pp
81 7030 82 7 Softcover Rs. 300

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TANTRABHIDHANA : A Tantric Lexicon
By N.N. Bhattacharya
2002 250 x 160 mm 196 pp
81 7304 439 2 Hardcover Rs. 600

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